Oleg Maštruko - Photographer and Author

Hi, I am photographer, traveler, writer and editor from Croatia. This very simple website is the showcase of my work.

Photo projects

Without People is photo series about abandoned and dehumanized places.

Expiations is about documenting religious places all over the world.

Halber Mensch and the Sea (working title) is the photo project about the sea. This is still "work in progress".

Travel projects

Pamir travelogue is my travelogue from the Pamir Highway (M41) in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, with photos and stories.

Lost Kingdom - project is currently in FUNDING PHASE - check out the Indiegogo project page.

Bio + Contact - couple of details about me, mail addresses and stuff.

Photo Projects: Without People / Expiations / Halber Mensch and the Sea (work in progress)

Travel projects: Pamir / Lost Kingdom /// Bio + Contact